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Winner of IGDA Game Jam 2014 in Estonia, Color Ninja is a simple, challenging game to match your ever-changing-colors-ninja with a wall of the same color! Try it. And just one more thing...you will be a researcher and explore the features on your own! There is no manual or any kind of tutorial for that.

Few words from the team:

Hello player!

We are very glad to present you the game, and we hope you will enjoy its simplicity and receive a joyful experience of playing it.

Original version was developed during the IGDA Game Jam "Less is More" even in Tallinn over a single weekend, for Android devices & with plans to expand to other platforms.

This is alpha version, so we would appreciate your feedback very much! There is definitely a lack of things like leaderboard, achievements etc. But we push the game now, so you have an opportunity to enjoy it, and, if you have a minute, throw your feedback at us.

If you have any extra ideas on the game, or you look for an opportunity to talk to us further, we would readily listen to you.

And, here is our facebook page - facebook.com/colorninjagame

Enjoy playing,

Color Ninja Team

P. S. Extra pictures, updated logo and some other detailed description of the game will be added soon. Stay tuned.


Color_Ninja_FINAL_03_02_12-21am.apk 8 MB

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